Wound Care

Custom Medication for Wound Care Support

Nurse wrapping a wrist injury with gauze.

It Is Important That Wounds Heal Properly

Our pharmacy team knows that sometimes wounds just don’t heal as they should.

It can be very frustrating when day after day your wound seems like it’s not getting better, and is maybe even getting worse.

Pressure sores or wounds caused by burns may continually see tissue disruption during irrigation, cleaning, and treatment. Prolonged healing also increases the likelihood a wound will become infected which further complicates things and increases the healing time.

Custom Wound Care Medications

Commercially available medications to help with wound care aren’t always appropriate or the best option for patients.

Customized medications may have many benefits for a patient with a difficult to heal wound.

A compounded medication can be mixed up with multiple custom ingredients, in custom strengths, and custom dosage forms.

Ingredients can be combined together to help increase blood flow to promote wound resolution, while at the same time adding a local anesthetic to help with discomfort, and enzymes to assist with debridement.

Your provider also has the option of including in that same compounded product, medications to help with growth factor stimulation, moisture balancing, and many different antibiotics or anti-fungal medications to add as well.

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Get Back to Living Life Again

Our pharmacy team works closely with patients and their health care providers to come up with the best options for wound care challenges.

We customize the best option for you, the individual, using the most appropriate dosage forms such as:

  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Gels
  • Pastes
  • Topical Sprays
  • Powders

This is important because no two patients are exactly the same. One-size-fits-all medicine simply doesn’t work for everyone.

Contact one of our highly trained and friendly pharmacists to learn more about how our custom compounded medications for wound care may benefit you.



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