Custom Medication for Pets

Family pets, cat and dog playing together on grass.

Customized Pet Medication Options Are Available

Our pharmacists know that medicating some animals, such as cats, can be a physical struggle. Difficult medication administration can traumatize a pet, result in inadequate dosing, and may even lead to bites and scratches on your hands and arms!

Other animals, such as Dogs, Sugar Gliders, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Horses, Gerbils/Hamsters, Ferrets, Rats etc., each have their own set of challenges when it comes to giving medication as well.

Additionally, some commercially-available human medications may not be appropriate for pets. For example, xylitol is a common sweetener in human medications, but it’s toxic for dogs. Other problems can arise when attempting to achieve precise dosing for your pet. This is due to the limited range of strengths available from manufacturers. Sometimes just the size or shape of the commercially-available tablet may cause swallowing difficulty for your faithful friend.

Reducing the Stress of Medication Time

Our pharmacy offers a better way to medicate your pet. We regularly work with veterinarians to come up with the optimum flavor, dosage form, and medication concentration for pets.

Custom medication compounding allows you to give your pet the exact dose they need, in a dosage form that works best for you and your pet. Our pharmacy is able to do this without any of the harmful ingredients that may be found in human medications. The right custom dosage form can help reduce the daily stress of medication time for you and your pet.

Pet owner holding cat while at the veterinarian.
Woman sitting down, holding her dog at the beach, after receiving custom pet medications from Health First Pharmacy in Windsor, CA.

Pet Medication Flavors and Alternatives

Our specially trained pharmacy staff is able to mix up pet medication in the form of a tasty, custom-flavored liquid. Delicious animal flavors include: Chicken, Fish, Ham, Beef, Peanut Butter, Bacon, Liver and More. Mmmm Liver :).

We’re also able to mix medication into flavored animal treats. We even can mix up medication into flavored capsules. These treats and capsules can help mask the taste (and smell) of your pet’s medication.

We also regularly compound a number of medications into transdermal/topical creams that can be rubbed into the inside of an animal’s ear flap. This is a very popular dosage form for those cats that are difficult to give oral medications to.

Working with you and your veterinarian, we help create a medication solution that makes medication time smoother and easier for you and your pet. Speak with one of our friendly pharmacists to hear more about the benefits of custom-made pet medication.




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