Why would I use compounding when I could get something already prepared?

While there may be a wide variety of standard, commercially available pharmaceuticals, these may not always be the best choice for your individual and optimal health outcomes. Compounding pharmacy provides a vast array of options for patient-specific or pet-specific dosages: topical preparations to avoid side effects often seen with oral medications, formulas free of allergens and harmful preservatives, medications that may be in short supply or no longer available, and more! Through compounding, the tool bag of available treatments increases exponentially!

Do I need a special doctor to get a compounded prescription?

If your doctor is able to write you a prescription for a commercially available product, they can write a prescription for a compound. If your doctor is unsure how it should be done, we are more than happy to help them navigate the details.

Will my doctor know all of the various compounds available?

Because compounding provides an endless variety of options, your doctor may not be familiar with all that is available to you. Collaboratively, as patient, practitioner, and pharmacist, we provide opportunities for creative solutions far beyond what is available for you through “big box” pharmacy.

We enjoy discussing options and coming up with optimal treatments, individualized to suit your needs. Feel free to call, or have your doctor call our pharmacy to discuss better choices for you or your loved ones (Don’t forget your pets; we haven’t!).

We put your family and you front and center, right where you belong.

What is the process for getting a compound prescription filled?

When we receive a prescription on your behalf from your practitioner, our front-end team begins by contacting you to gather detailed information about you, in order to fill your customized prescriptions with the greatest of care. Next stop is your pharmacist, who diligently creates your individualized prescription, first in the computer, then, together with your compounding technicians, in the lab.

Once completed, your prescription is ready for our team to call or text you for pickup, or to mail to you if you choose. Of course, we care for you on a “first-come-first-serve” basis, never compromising safety or quality for speed, as every single one of you and your prescriptions are truly important to us!

How else is Health First! a different kind of pharmacy?

Beyond prescriptions, we’ll do our very best to provide you with education about our bodies and our health, and the many ways we may work toward our best health goals.

We’ll teach you about vitamins and minerals, herbs and oils, probiotics and meal replacement, high performance cosmetics and skin care, and why the companies that you’ll find here have impressed us enough to offer their products to your families, your beloved pets, and you.

Do ingredients matter?

Boy, do they ever!

When it comes to prescriptions, they’re not all the same. The raw material with which we produce your prescription must come from reliable sources with documentation for purity, potency, and efficacy. Any non-active ingredients in your formula will contribute to the results that you receive, so we’ll be sure that they are in your very best interest.

Here at Health First, we look for a better way for your topical product to absorb, an easier route for your prescription to be administered (lozenges, creams, flavored liquids or chews, even lollipops!), and a more specific way for your formula to suit an absolutely unique you (in-between dose, allergen free, dye free, combined for convenience)!

When it comes to supplements, essential oils, skin care, and cosmetics, we research companies who also have the highest of standards for ingredients, performance, and finished product testing. Anything that goes in or on your body may have a short and long-term impact; we want to be sure that you are safe. We want to be sure that you get results, impressive results, backed by third party independent testing whenever possible.

Your trust + your health = our happiness!

How do you know if the pharmacy you are working with is a quality pharmacy?

There may be significant differences from pharmacy to pharmacy when it comes to quality.

At Health First, we take great pride in the quality assurance steps that we implement to produce consistent, high quality products to best suit your needs. Call us and ask! We love quality control!

• We carefully source our prescription ingredients from companies whom we trust, and whose quality assurance policies parallel our own.
• We review all of the bases and excipients in your formulas to be as natural as possible, free of preservatives or other inactive ingredients that may be harmful to your health, yet still provide dependably optimal outcomes.
• We potency test monthly, evaluating every product type and technician on a scheduled basis, providing a guaranteed consistent product. Every time.
• Our equipment is certified by outside companies to ensure absolute accuracy in measurements.
• Our staff is trained and retrained on every technique every year.

We are constantly striving to improve; we wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither should you!

What if I have a question or challenge with my prescription?

Let us know! Please call or come in if you have challenges or concerns.
We care about you; we’ll listen to your concerns, and do our very best to support your optimal outcome.

Why does it take longer to receive a compounded prescription vs. regular prescriptions?

Almost every prescription that we fill is customized. That’s the nature of compounding. We make your prescription from scratch, just for you, and that takes time. You’re not made in an assembly line, and neither is your prescription. Your doctor cares enough about you to be sure that your treatment is just right for you, and, with great trust, has chosen us to collaborate with you for your best health!

How does compounding and insurance work?

At Health First, the process is simple. With each prescription, we provide you with all of the necessary paperwork to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is always a good idea to contact your insurer prior to filling your compounded prescription if hoping to get the product covered. Not all insurances are the same, and not all of them consider or understand the great benefits provided through compounding.

How can I transfer my prescription to Health First Pharmacy?

Just ask! Simply call our pharmacy, and we will handle the rest for you! It’s that easy!

Can my prescription be picked up on weekends?

According to laws mandated by the California State Board of Pharmacy, a pharmacist must be available on premises for your prescription to be dispensed. Though everyone here is absolutely dedicated, our lab staff needs a weekend break, as we live up to our name: Health First!

What else distinguishes Health First!?

We love helping you, and we hope it shows; from the warm way that we greet you, to our attention to detail, to the well tested quality of what we offer to you. We are here to help you in any way that we can!

We also love learning, as much from you as from clinical data from the most current and reliable research.

We bring licensed health care practitioners directly to you through informative evening educational presentations. They’ll talk to you about everything from stress to digestion, to autoimmunity, to hormones, to pain, to sleep, to thyroid, to vaginal dryness, hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, libido, and many other common health concerns.
Foremost, we are dedicated to YOU – to your safety, your knowledge, and the care that you and your family receive.

We truly believe…. HEALTHY BODY, HAPPY LIFE!!!

** Our highly trained and friendly educators and pharmacists are happy to answer any other questions you may have, so please come visit us and don’t hesitate to call Health First! at (707) 837-7948.

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